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Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lesson Descriptions at Natavi 

Natavi offers several levels of swimming lessons. Natavi is a year round program. Lessons are once a week 30 min lessons. The student will meet on the same day and time each week. 


Natavi has two schedules each year. The Fall/Winter schedule will run Labor Day to Memorial Day. Our Summer Schedule will run Memorial day to Labor Day. 


Free leveling events are available where you may bring your child in for a free mini lesson and we will evaluate and determine which level they fit into. This is for those over 5 years of age. Ages are shown below for Parent tot, and preschool.


Level 2 and 3 are foundational levels and often you're children will spend longer lengths of times in these levels.

Children's private swimming lessons are available as well. 


Not only are children's swimming lessons available, but Natavi also teaches adult swimming lessons. Adult lessons are done on a private basis. Please contact Natavi for more information if you are interested. 


Once enrolled in swimming lessons your student is automatically enrolled each month and payments are automatically processed at the beginning of each month. If you wish to be done at the end of a month Natavi must be notified by the 15th of that month to drop lessons and avoid being charged for the next month.




For Pricing information or to register call Natavi or stop by any time



Summer 2024 

May 28th - August 25th 

Click the link below to see available openings (Link will be available by end of day Friday 4/19/24)

Registration for currently enrolled students begins Monday 4/22 at 9:00am

Registration for everyone begins Monday 4/29 at 9:00am

Call or stop by to register

Fall/Winter 2024-25 coming soon (not available yet)

Schedule begins Tuesday, September 3rd

Watch facebook, instagram and website for registration date updates 

Already a Customer? Click here to log into your parent portal where you can view your students classes and fees posted.


Parent-tot swimming lessons is for babies and young children 

ages 6 months - 3 years

This level is an introduction to water.

Parent-tot lessons are perfect for water acclimation (which has many components to it), front float, kicking, back float, flipping/rolling, arm motions, jumping into the water from the deck, submersion (which can take some time depending on the child and the age in which they start), and lastly safety such as rolling in the water, scooping and potentially pulling themselves out of the pool themselves. Overall, Parent-Tot incorporates many components of safety just by introducing, acclimating and teaching water basics to children in this age category. 


Preschool swimming lessons are for children preschool aged

ages 3 - 4 years 

This level is for all preschool aged students. It will cover material from both levels 1 and 2 and is geared towards children in the preschool age group. This is going to be a great way to give them the focused attention they need to be the most successful they can in their swimming lesson experience.

If your child is 3 or 4 years old when you register for lessons they will be in the preschool level classes. 

Swimming Victory

ages 5 +

Level 1 is an introduction to swimming. Students will work on front floats, back floats, bobbing, submersion, and breath control in the water. Students need to be able to float almost independently as well as submerge fully before graduating to level 2.   

Girls Swimming Underwater

ages 5 +

Level 2 will focus on gaining independence in the water. By the end of level 2 students will be able to float completely on their own, stand from a float, push off and swim to an instructor and more. 


This is a very fundamental level and may take longer for students to master and graduate to the next level.

Pool Ladder

Level 3 is where stroke development begins. Students will work on front stroke with breathing, elementary back stroke, back stroke, glides, as well are learn life jacket safety. We do not use life jackets during any lessons, but feel as though the use of life jackets is an important component to safety considering children will  be exposed to many types of water and bodies of water throughout their life.


This is a very fundamental level for stroke development and may take longer for students to master and graduate to the next level.

Swimming Lesson

In level 4 students will work on developing front and back strokes more, introduce breast stroke and treading water. They will also start to develop important survival swimming skills.

Image by frank mckenna

Level 5 will focus on refining front, back and breast strokes. Butterfly will be introduced. Students will also practice their underwater swimming and work towards swimming longer distances.


This course will have an emphasis on fitness swimming. Students will learn how to use a pace clock, as well as swimming with kick boards and pull buoys. They will polish strokes presented in previous levels, swim with greater ease, efficiency, power and smoothness over greater distances. The students in this will begin demonstrating turns for each stroke learned along with picking up an object from a depth. Students will increase their endurance by swimming front crawl- 100 yards, back crawl-100 yards, butterfly- 50 yards, elementary backstroke- 50 yards, breaststroke- 50 yards and sidestroke- 50 yards. There is a strong emphasis in this level on water safety and in order to pass students must swim 400 yards continuously using any 4 strokes.


The Pre-competitive swim clinic is a twice a week 6 week clinic. It runs similar to a swim team and is meant to help prepare students to join a swim team. This clinic only runs a couple of times a year.


Watch facebook for start dates


S.W.I.M. (Swim and Water Instruction Modifications) is for children with ASD and is a specialty course that encompasses swimming and water instruction for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This is a four week course that builds confidence in children through learning to swim and water safety in a fun, customized environment. Children attend class once per week to provide stability and consistency into their routine. All lessons are done on a private, one-on-one basis, one child per instructor.

This program can be taken continuously if desired.

Natavi has had training through the University of Missouri Health Systems, Department of Occupational Therapy.


Below is a link to the Children at Home Program which may be able to offer financial assistance:

Iowa Family Support Network

1111 9th Street, Suite 320

Des Moines, Iowa 50314

Fax: (515) 558-9994



Natavi now has an ASD program Scholarship available. For all rules, qualifications and applications click the button below. 

If our scholarship if not available at any time there is a program that may be able to help. Check out this website for more information.

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