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Policies & Procedures

Swimming Lesson Absence/Makeup Policy 

We do offer ONE Make-up per month for lessons missed IF notice is given at least 4 hours in advance of the class and IF there is an open spot in another class. If a class fills up a makeup lesson may need to be rescheduled for another time. If all classes are full a makeup lesson may not be possible. Please call or stop in to schedule your make-up class. Make-Up classes must be scheduled and completed within one month of the missed class. Refunds will not be given based on makeup lessons.

The best way to give a notice of absence and schedule a makeup is to call Natavi or stop by the front desk when you are at Natavi.


Swimming Lesson Drop/Withdrawal Policy

Written notice is required by the 15th of the current month to allow a drop for the next months lesson. If notice is not given before the 15th of the month your autorenewal will start for the next month and you will be charged for the next month’s lessons. 

Contracts require notice by the 15th of the last month to be able to drop. If no notice is given students will continue to be enrolled at the month to month rate.


Moving Swimming Lesson Levels

In the event your child(ren) has/have been placed in a class inappropriate for his/her level, that student will be moved to a class that better suits their needs. The swimmers class time could be subject to change.


When a child is tested and passes a level it is the parent responsibility to contact the front desk to change the lessons. The same day and time may not be available.

Adult Memberships

Adult Memberships include all adult fitness classes as well as Water Walking/Lap Swimming. It does not include family swim or swimming lessons.


A minimum of 12 Monthly payments are required before this contract may be terminated (This includes any initial pro-rated payment). Once you have completed the 12 monthly direct payments you can cancel your automatic renewal payments anytime by

contacting Natavi and giving 30 days’ notice in advance. You should not cancel your Direct Debit mandate with the bank until the final month’s payment has been drawn.


Contract does not automatically renew. If you would like to renew the contract please do so with a Natavi employee prior to the last day of your contract. Price is subject to change according to Natavi price changes. 


Adult Fitness Cancelation Policy

All participants must have an account with Natavi. Registration for classes is required. We require a min. of 3 people to hold a class. If we do not have 3 people signed up the class will be canceled. We will contact those signed up to let them know if this does occur. Also if cancelations happen due to weather, maintenance, schedule changes, ect. it will be posted on facebook and all those signed up will be contacted. 



Cancelations must be done at least 4 hours in advance of the class a participant is registered for. If a participant fails to do this they will be charged the one time drop in rate for the class. A no show will also result in the participant being charged the one time drop in rate for the class.

The best way to cancel your class reservation is to call Natavi

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